“The addition of InkZone ink-presets and closed-loop technology represents a significant investment in our ability to be competitive in the marketplace. With InkZone, our Heidelberg offset presses can keep pace with the latest technology, giving us the ability to more easily run reports for internal use and for our clients’ audit and SOP purposes. We also saw a significant decrease in paper waste almost immediately upon installation, making InkZone an important part of our overall environmental sustainability strategy at CCG. Less waste means a smaller carbon footprint and that is directly in line with our company’s mission, vision, and values.” -- Michael Petrullo, Director of Print Operations for CCG Marketing Solutions.

“InkZone is a tool in our arsenal of technology that helps us to bring the very best quality control and faster, more accurate production to our customers. With InkZone, our pressroom team is able to view trends in a job in real time so that issues can be addressed before the naked eye is able to register them. Having InkZone is like having radar. It allows us to see what is going to happen before it happens and to resolve any issues expeditiously.” -- Richard Boyce, Pressroom Manager for CCG Marketing Solutions

“InkZone ink-presets and closed-loop technology is one of the most important, best investments we’ve ever made in our pressroom. The InkZone solution gives Chocklett Press a competitive edge in the marketplace, enabling our KBA 40” 6-color offset press to keep pace with the latest technology. The return on our investment was extremely fast and we saw a significant decrease in paper waste immediately upon installation. InkZone is good for our customers, good for our bottom line, and good for the environment.” -- Bob Chocklett, vice-president of Chocklett Press

“Our Heidelberg is a true workhorse, enabling us to turn out approximately 16 million packages for guitar strings per year. However, we needed to bring its capabilities up to speed with a comprehensive pressroom automation solution that would help us to streamline our workflow, improve quality and reduce wasted time and materials. InkZone Ink Presets and Closed Loop technology was the answer.” -- Wayne Carbone, Printing Manager

“Because our make-ready time and paper waste was costing us time and money, we knew we needed automation to remain competitive, but the investment had to make financial sense. A capital purchase on this level needed to be carefully thought out and well-researched. The CMYK Distributors team was able to clearly demonstrate the impact that InkZone would bring to our company and to our bottom line in a way that made installing InkZone a no-brainer. Thanks to InkZone, our Heidelberg is now fully automated with ink presetting and closed loop technology and the value of the InkZone solution to our company is significant.” -- Kevin Matin, Owner of DM Graphic Center

“Overall, we couldn’t be more satisfied with our decision to install the InkZone Ink-Presets and Closed-Loop solution. The overall speed and accuracy of incoming color data, as well as data sent to the press for adjustment during the run, allows us to be much more consistent and productive. More customers are getting higher quality printed materials and we are able to make tighter deadlines. We expect that the advanced learning and ease of creating known deviations to press curves will help us very much with several customers who routinely press check their jobs and make color adjustment demands that vary from the files and proofs generated from our Prepress.” -- Mike Lesyshen, Technical Manager for Prolific Graphics

“At RR Donnelley, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest standard of quality and unparalleled service. By investing in InkZone - technology that has breathed new life into our legacy printing equipment—RR Donnelley is realizing substantial savings in terms of time and materials on a monthly basis.” -- Kirk Schmidt, Technical Specialist with RR Donnelley in Menasha

“As a L.I.F.E. certified label manufacturer, Smyth is deeply committed to implementing innovative solutions that help us to reduce waste and to conserve water and energy. The cost of chemicals, the time and effort associated with cleaning our tanks, and the impact of disposing waste water and chemicals on the environment motivated the Smyth Companies team to seek out an affordable solution. With Filter Klear, Smyth is saving time, as our press downtime has been significantly reduced. And, we are saving money by extending the life of our fountain solution.” -- Anthony Bonds, R&D Manager/Technical Services at Smyth Companies

“The DJet Double-Sided Printing System is a truly unique offering to the proofer market. It blows away the competition in terms of speed and accuracy. By adding the DJet to our equipment arsenal, we immediately saw a significant increase in productivity. The system can print up to 40 double-sided 8-up forms per hour, which is incomparable in today’s marketplace.” -- Steve Pandolfi, Founder of Digital Color Concepts.

“With the DJet we have been able to achieve greater thru-put; improved quality of double-sided proofs; and faster, more accurate quality and registration—the result of which is reduced waste and reduced cost.” – Ralph Catania, Prepress Manager, Digital Color Concepts

“Our investment in the DJet has already proven to be incredibly valuable to our business and we couldn’t be more pleased.” -- Don Terwilliger, President of Digital Color Concepts

“The InkZone solution is literally like having an electronic eye on your press at all times watching your work and ensuring the highest level of color consistency and accuracy. InkZone eliminates the variable of human error. With InkZone, our pressroom is fully automated which saves us time and money, instills confidence in our customers, and allows DPI to be competitive in the marketplace. In just a short time, the InkZone solution has proven to be an invaluable solution for helping us to achieve a stable, high-quality, standardized printing process.” -- Rich Luggiero, VP of Sales

“Great Atlantic Graphics purchased the DJet to replace an outdated competitive proofing system and we could not be more satisfied with our investment. The DJet has already made a significant impact on our business, giving us greater thru-put; improved quality of double-sided proofs; and faster, more accurate quality and registration. This has helped us to reduce costs, which is a win for any company.” -- said Chris McDevitt, Prepress Manager at Great Atlantic Graphics

“Given our commitment to operating an environmentally sustainable company, the Filter Klear Fountain Filtration System was an obvious solution for us as we sought to reduce the amount of waste water, paper waste, and chemicals that we were disposing of. With Filter Klear, we have tripled the effective life of our fountain solution. Our press runs have been very stable since we installed Filter Klear and it has definitely helped to reduce our defects by greatly reducing our paper-related issues.” -- Jeremy Pemble, Pressroom Manager, Qualprint

"Defining Pressroom Automation and Waste Reduction Technology"